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AMV – Chikyuji Animes & Fantasy Movies

FM – Premiered: 2006-11-04 CA – Premiered: 2006-10-12 Here’s some old stuff. The Chikyuji Animes Promo video was made for Chikyuji Animes French fansub team. They contacted me and asked if I could make a short promo video using some anime that they already subbed. When I was done, I decided to use this promo video to make an interlude for [...]

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AMV – Magic Pad

Premiered: 2007-07-07 Magic Pad was made for the Japan Expo 2007 AMV contest (1st best video). I had a lot of AMV ideas at that time but most of them were just too complicated or I didn’t have footage that would match my needs. But as I was looking for new pretty anime to work with, [...]

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White Summer